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Located in central, southern Indiana, we primarily sell plants, cut flowers, herbs and produce at Bloomington Farmer’s Market. We also sell fresh eggs and lamb direct to customers from our door.  Glorious Daylily Farm is a small family owned and operated, located 20 minutes south of Bloomington in the town of Heltonville, Indiana.

From April to October, we grow and sell seasonal cut flowers doing all the work ourselves from seeding to delivery. When you purchase from us you are getting only fresh, long-lasting, distinctive, locally and sustainably grown flowers.

We also grow some culinary herbs and sell them: potted, dry, and fresh. We have produce, especially those vegetables that are particularly sweet or pretty. (I do not find greenbeans exciting.)

We have daylilies and other perennials which will soon be available for purchase on this site with market delivery. Everything is grown using no-spray, no-toxin, permaculture techniques.

Don’t forget the eggs. We have chicken eggs, but also a lot of duck eggs, and in the early spring even goose eggs.

Finally, we have heritage, grass-fed lamb. If you want one, please contact me to make arrangements for processing and delivery.

In addition to running the farm, our family operates Bahai Resources  and Interfaith Resources and the newest business I’m so proud of – Virtues101.com.  Farm and nursery products are sold under the name Glorious Daylily Farm and taxes for all endeavors are paid under our parent company name Special Ideas Inc.