Fresh Cut Flowers

At Glorious Daylily Farm we grow seasonal cut flowers from April to October. We do all the work ourselves from seeding to delivery. When you purchase from us you are getting only fresh, long-lasting, distinctive, locally and sustainably grown flowers. We use no-spray, no-toxins, permaculture techniques.

We cut early, preserve blooms correctly, bring ice each week to keep them cool even on the warmest days, and package them in water so they will be long lasting in your home.

From April through October, you can pick up our fresh flowers at the Bloomington Farmers Market at the Showers Building in downtown Bloomington. 

Special Occasion?

Planning a wedding, party, or special event? We would love to provide seasonal, mixed flower bouquets for your tables. Generally, we need at least one week notice. You can provide vases or pay a vase deposit which you get back when you return the vases. Flowers can be picked up at Bloomington Farmers Market or Heltonville.

You can use them as they are, mix your own bouquets or just separate the generous bouquets into smaller vases.

Care of Cut Flowers

Buy from a flower vendor you trust.

The most critical element to long lasting cut flowers is cleanliness. After each use, I was every bucket, vase and cutting tool in bleach. Dirty water will reduce the life of your cut flowers faster than almost anything else.  At home use clean water, and either change it regularly or use only clean vases.

Get them Hydrated

Keep flowers hydrated. After selling you flowers, I wrap then in paper and soak them in water and then wrap that in plastic. Get them pack into water as soon as you can. Keep an eye on the vase you put them in and make sure it doesn’t run low. Some healthy flowers will take up a lot of water. It the steps appear to be drying out, you can recut the stems.

 Keep them cool

I pick only in the very early morning before the flowers are sold and keep them cool until they are sold. I bring a lot of ice to market and keep the water temperature low. Your flowers will last longer in your air conditioned house than on your porch during the hot days of summer.  If you must make a lot of stops on the way home, get a glass of ice water from a fast food place and put the flowers in that. Hot temperatures aren’t so damaging when the water is cold.

Market Bouquets