Coyote on Lake

Coyote Night

Later I found that more than a dozen geese had been killed sometime between the middle of the night when the snow stopped and daybreak. When I stepped out onto the porch to take better pictures, I expected the animal to leave or at least turn away.Instead, he looked right at me and then proceeded …

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barn and flower beds in winter

Flower Beds in Winter

This certainly isn’t the most colorful picture of my garden. But it took a little effort to sheet mulch these permanent rows. I use no-till methods. So one thing I never want is bare soil. In the fall each of these rows was covered in hay, daylily tops and  a layer of leaves.  Eash line …

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Pandemic Market Booth

Pandemic Market Booth

Market is calm and laid back and almost as enjoyable as when it can be crowded.  Not much can be on display now but I still want customers to be able to make a choose. Don’t you just love the way even my vases are socially distanced?