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We sell duck eggs.

Why Duck Eggs?

Duck eggs are just a little different and a little better than chicken eggs. They are white and larger than most chicken eggs. The egg white is much more clear. The egg yellow is creamier and almost orange. The creamy texture is especially important if you bake. You know how you can sneak a butter into a recipe that calls for margarine? When you make it, yours just tastes better and you don’t have to tell anyone why. Well, when you cook with duck eggs instead of chicken eggs, your food just tastes better.

Are they happy ducks?

We raise ducks in a nearly wild environment. We open the gate and let them out each morning. They spend the day on a 4 acre lake dodging snapping turtles and scooping up tiny fish. Each evening we coax them into a large pen by tossing out a bit of corn. They are locked up each night. That protects them from owls, raccoons, foxes, chicken hawks and any other wild animal that might come along. It also means that the eggs are laid somewhere in this area which means we can find them to sell to you. As ducks like to cover their eggs, they gift us with an easter egg hunt every day.